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I write in English, Spanish and Dutch. 

I write for theatre.

I write short stories.

And I translate everything from film scripts to product descriptions. 

For various reasons I do not publish all of my work online. If you would like to receive a sample of my writing or translating, please contact me. 

I translate for several companies and online platforms. One of those companies is Tradupla. I translated their website from Spanish to Dutch. 

My winning submission "Doodgraven heeft voeten in de aarde" (Dutch) on the Dutch literary blog can be read here

My short story "Luchtledig" (Dutch) was published in the Belgian literary magazine Kluger Hans #38, you can order the magazine here or read it here

My play 'Ontgoocheld' (Dutch) was published by De Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek and can be ordered here

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