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Jordi Möllering was living in Guatemala when he cofounded Artzénico in 2007. In 2008 he moved back to the Netherlands to study at the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance. After he graduated in 2012 he organized an international traveling theatre project around migration: IRSE. With this project he traveled from Central America to the U.S. and from North Africa to the Netherlands.  In 2014 he joins De Theatertroep in Amsterdam. He tours through the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2015 he acts in Splinter by De Eenzamen. In 2020 he joins this Belgian theatre company. Möllering is also a writer, in 2020 his short story Luchtledig was published in literary magazine Kluger Hans. In 2021 his play Ontgoocheld was published by De Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek. 

2021:            writer of theatre play, Ontgoocheld, published by De Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek

2021:            freelance actor and model for different agencies

2020-now:   member of de Eenzamen, Belgium, actor in: Ontgoocheld

2020:            actor and writer, De Theatertroep Speelt, de Theatertroep, the Netherlands

2020:            writer of short story, Luchtledig, Kluger Hans, Belgium

2020:            voice actor in Vaudeville de Podcast, de Theatertroep, the Netherlands 

2020:            actor and director, Simón dice, Artzénico, Guatemala

2019:            actor, Vaudeville, de Theatertroep, the Netherlands

2018-now:   freelance translator

2018-2019:  puppeteer in Amikeco, Canícula, Belgium, France and Cyprus

2016:            translator Spanish-Dutch, Television series Fenix, the Netherlands

2014-2016:  actor and writer, student Theater Amsterdam

2014-2016:  actor in Splinter, de Eenzamen, Hasselt, Belgium

2013-2018:  member of de Theatertroep, actor in: Troupe en Nuit, Tussenrussen, In tweede instantie, Simpele uitdrukking van een complexe gedachte, Sous-sol, Vaudeville I, de Veere, Hoe echt is echt echt, Vaudeville II, Driekoningenavond, Vaudeville III

2013:            visual artist in A ver que dice Diós, Ciudad de la Imaginación, Guatemala.

2012-2014:  actor, director and organizer of the international theatre project about migration IRSE, Artzénico and Armadillo,            Guatemala, Mexico, the United States, Western Sahara, Morrocco, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands

2012:            actor in Pest. Direction: Karina Holla, Mime Acamy, Theatre Academy Amsterdam

2011:            actor and director in Fronteras, Artzénico and GRP, New Orleans

2010:            actor in Momenten bij een boom. Direction: Suzan Boogaerdt & Bianca van der Schoot, Theatre Academy Amsterdam

2008-2016:  freelance theatre teacher

2007-2016:  actor and director, Artzénico, Guatemala

2007:            actor in short movies Particular and Tres Palabras, Momo Producciones, Guatemala.

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