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My last bicycle journey was a tour through Europe, while delivering letters and performing. This project is called Global Unification Tour and a book about this project can be ordered at De EenzamenIn 2023 this project will go worldwide. For more information, please contact me or visit my Instagram

Besides numerous short trips in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Cyprus, Guatemala, Mexico and the U.S. I completed six larger bicycle journeys: 

2015: Nijmegen, the Netherlands - Oslo, Norway (2000 km)

2017: Vienna, Austria - Durrës, Albania (1700 km)

2018: Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Heerlen, the Netherlands via Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France (1200 km)

2019: Heerlen, the Netherlands to Limassol, Cyprus (5600 km)

2020: Nijmegen - Eglingen an der Paar via Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria (2160 km)

2021: Nijmegen - Valkenburg via Amsterdam, Lelystad, Rheine, Bielefeld, Bonn and Kelmis (1335 km)

2021: Valkenburg - Valkenburg for the project Bonnefooi via Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany (2700 km)

2022: Valkenburg - Lisbon (4500 km)

If you want to follow my cycling routes, check my Strava

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