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My name is Jordi Möllering ​

I am an interdisciplinary artist specialized in theatre and writing

I am an actor, director and teacher

I write and translate theatre, prose and informational texts in English, Spanish and Dutch. 

I love long-distance cycling

I want to see the world through multiple perspectives

On my bike I feel autonomous, I get a mental and physical challenge and the opportunity to get to know people and places

It is impossible for me to work or live in one place only. 

I am fascinated by the way humans get trapped in systems, and the way they deal with it. This is the central theme in my artistic work.

The way I live enables me to create unique work from the perspective of a world citizen.

My work has a socially engaged, absurdist and existentialist undertone and I love to use sarcastic and cynical humour

Check my theatre group De Eenzamen

And my project ALAN

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