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Check the agenda of my theatre company De Eenzamen for upcoming plays. 

From October 2022 to March 2023 my play ALAN wil tour in Belgium and the Netherlands. Check the website.

My name is Jordi Möllering and I am a free soul. ​

I am an interdisciplinary artist specialized in theatre and writing

I am an actor, director and teacher and I have experience organizing theatre performances and projects. 

I write and translate theatre, prose and informational texts in English, Spanish and Dutch. 

I love long-distance cycling

I am fascinated by the way humans get trapped in systems, and the way they deal with it. This is the central theme in my artistic work. 

It is also my motivation to travel; I want to see the world through multiple perspectives.

On my bike I feel autonomous, I get a mental and physical challenge and the opportunity to get to know people and places. 

It is impossible for me to work or live in one place only. 

This lifestyle enables me to create unique work from the perspective of a world citizen.

My work has a socially engaged, absurdist and existentialist undertone and I love to use sarcastic and cynical humour.

I used to think I could change the world with art, but currently, I am in the process of accepting my contribution is insignificant on the scale of the world, let alone the universe, nonetheless valuable; I am looking for the themes and stories that really seem important to make art out of genuine personal engagement. 

Some positive aspects of me that can turn out to be negative: original, precise, demanding, kind and motivated. 

Some negative aspects of me that can turn out to be positive: stubborn, easily overwhelmed by impression, control freak and impatient. 

My dreams for the coming years are: to finish writing my short story book, to write a play or movie script about kidnapped artists, to create video skits, to act in a movie and to cycle around the world with a theatre play. 

If you've read all this it might be worth to check out the rest of my site. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or requests. 


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